Snow day!

Me and Fay were playing in the snow one day and I had the most fun in years! Even if  I am only 8 years old. This is a list of the things we made: Sofa, Cup , TV ,  DVD player, discs , table ,  and a phone. I will teach you how to make everything. Let us start with the sofa.

1. roll a big ball of snow.

2. put it where you want it.

3. start pushing it down so it is flat.

4. use snow to build small walls around it.

Now let us move on to the cup.

1. roll a oval.

2. make a hole in the middle.

Now on to the TV.

1. roll a big ball.

2. put it where you want it.

3.put snow on the sides to make it square.

On to the DVD player.

1. make a square

Now on to the discs.

1. grab a slice of snow.

2.make it round.

now we move on to a table

1. roll a big ball of snow.

2. put it where you want it.

3. make it flat.

Now last thing a phone

lets start on the bottom of the phone.

1.make a small oval.

2. make a hole in it.

let us make the top of the phone.

1. make a small oval.

tip: make the oval so it can come off and on.

here are some photos of the things we make:












4 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. Dear May,
    I thought that was pretty cool. If I had enough snow I would of done that,but I didn’t so I just played around. We’re where you when you did that?


  2. Dear May

    I like your post’s background. I think it is a cool chalk board. The snow was soooo fun!! I made a snow man withe Sophie his name was Olaf. Anyway, it sounds like you had lots of fun making all that stuff. Maybe next snow day I will try making all of those shapes with the snow. What was favorite part about the snow?

    Your friend Sharon

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