Square watermelon

Today me and my family went  shopping. We needed to get milk from T&T supermarket. We past something odd, I took a closer look, you can not believe what I saw… a square watermelon!  It had Chinese engraving but I am not sure what it said. Then I asked my Dad how they made it. My Dad said when it is just a baby water melon that they put in a glass jar to take the shape of the jar. to bad it is not edible it looks so yummy I love watermelon so much.

If you want to find out, here the link: http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-a-Square-Watermelon


Fay’s Birthday!

It is almost my brother’s birthday.  I am not sure when his birthday is. I am going to give him an app store card and some candy . I going to make a card with a photo of him as a beachbum.  He is 11, so that means he is turning 12. I CAN’T WAIT! I AM SO HAPPY FOR FAY! It’s not every day that your brother turns 12! I am so happy. I am going to help make the cake.   I am going to cut little strawberries up and maybe some blue icing for Fay to put on the cake then I will put 12 striped candies and 1 for good luck.

This is for Fay, hope you have the best birthday.

From May


Snow day!

Me and Fay were playing in the snow one day and I had the most fun in years! Even if  I am only 8 years old. This is a list of the things we made: Sofa, Cup , TV ,  DVD player, discs , table ,  and a phone. I will teach you how to make everything. Let us start with the sofa.

1. roll a big ball of snow.

2. put it where you want it.

3. start pushing it down so it is flat.

4. use snow to build small walls around it.

Now let us move on to the cup.

1. roll a oval.

2. make a hole in the middle.

Now on to the TV.

1. roll a big ball.

2. put it where you want it.

3.put snow on the sides to make it square.

On to the DVD player.

1. make a square

Now on to the discs.

1. grab a slice of snow.

2.make it round.

now we move on to a table

1. roll a big ball of snow.

2. put it where you want it.

3. make it flat.

Now last thing a phone

lets start on the bottom of the phone.

1.make a small oval.

2. make a hole in it.

let us make the top of the phone.

1. make a small oval.

tip: make the oval so it can come off and on.

here are some photos of the things we make:












Our New Car-Day Two

After are Matrix crashed we got a new car.  It is a  Mazda 5.  It has slide open doors, except in the front.  At the top it has an opening window.  It is white and black, but mostly white .  It has six seats and one arm rest on each chair. The middle seats have a place at the bottom to hold little things like books, paper, and pens.  My seat has a table you can draw on and it can hold toys.  All the seats can fold so you have more room to put things in the back . You can make your seat move backward and frontward. This car is good for long trips.  This is the end of my post but do not worry I will make more car posts.

The crash day one


This is a real story.

When me and my family were on the road to Vancouver  it was snowing like crazy. The car skidded and in to the it want ditch. Fay said he blackout and woke up when people were helping him out. I did not blackout but I got pull forwarded by the seat belt which caught my  shoulder badly, and my shoulder was sore from the pull. The people called a tow truck  to pull us out. We had to wait in the snow for one hour until the tow truck came. But the good thing was people kept stopping for us. We saw four friends Jode , Male ,Rob and Hided. Male and Rob stayed till the tow truck came and  the Ambulance .I got to see them pull the car out of the ditch but I went in to the  Ambulance. But I was fine they said do I want a toy. I said yes they gave me a baby rhino.  I call her Rhinoy. She is one year old. She loves to use her horn and ran at you. But do not worry she just bounces back.  Now back on track .  They ask  fay if wanted a stuffy . He said no.  We want out of the Ambulance .I went to my dad and ask if he could get my stuffies  he said I’ll ask. He came back with one of my stuffies I said the other one please too. He said ok . he came back with my pig. When the car was bulled  out  my dad got a ride to Port Hardy in the tow truck. Me , my mom and Fay got a ride from Male and Rob when we got to Port Hardy.  We stayed at a hotel and this  is over but I will make  the crash day two.











A Funny Chocolate Cake

Funny Recipe :

6 Kit Kat bars

baking soda


How to make :

melt  six Kit Kat bars

Wait for 20 mins

Cool for 3 mins

Mix baking soda and vinegar  with six Kit Kat bars

Stir for 10 mins

Pu in oven until it blows up

My Writing Checklist

My writing checklist. You know how you get stuck in writing sometimes, like you don’t know if everything is there, like the title, opening and a closing. I will show you a check list:

  • I have a title
  • I have an opening
  • I have a closing
  • I used  paragraphs to organize my ideas
  • I started every sentence with an uppercase letter
  • I used end punctuation (. ! ? )
  • I used descriptive language
  • I used  juicy words
  • I used  a variety of sentence starters
  • I added feelings






ME Reading

Today I am going to show me reading .

but first I  am going to show you a list of want is good reading :

Expression , try not to go ‘ummmmm’ ,stay in zone and I will show you what I thing I need to fix : more  expression , feeling